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Important Points to Consider While Trading Binary Options

Tips for Trading Binary Options

Most apprentice traders tend to ignore the learning stages of binary options trading before starting to trade binary options. This can prove to be very discouraging for them as it can lead them to failure or loss in investment. We have devised some working points which both a novice and an experienced trader can consider before starting to trade binary options. These factors need to be considered prior to trading as they will certainly help traders move in the right direction as well as take the right and appropriate decision when they will place transactions. The important points have been outlined below:

Capital management

As a trader, it is advisable that you set aside a particular amount of money which you want to use only for trading purposes. This implies that during your trading journey you should not invest money meant for other purposes. Likewise, traders can follow the 5/15 rule or adopt any other relevant capital management scheme in order to have a control over what they can afford to spend.

Choice of broker

Choosing a reliable and professional broker is another important factor to consider before any trade execution. A trader should ensure that he gets ample and necessary information on the broker he has chosen before starting to trade. This avoids any sort of confusion or misunderstanding afterwards.

Market analysis

Market analysis is essential in the sense that it allows traders to expect events that might influence the price of their chosen asset. Therefore, a trader should be able to understand fundamentals, technical and other market data before starting binary options trading. Traders can use Market Analyses before placing any transaction, this is an important factor that ensures successful binary options trading as keeping in touch with market realities is vital.

Stay updated

As the saying by Plato goes “A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.” The same applies to traders in the binary options world. Traders need to make sure that they are aware of the latest or most recent, even insignificant, news, rumors, or information that may affect the trade market. This will help them anticipate the movements of their chosen asset. Major news outlets could be very helpful in providing the appropriate news.

Choice of asset and strike price

Traders need to make sure that they choose the right asset when trading binary options. Once they have chosen their asset, they will have to set the right strike price so that they succeed in their trade transaction. Choosing an asset and an option with adequate expiry time will allow them enough time to review the expected movement. Overall, this indicates that traders need to choose assets that they feel at ease with, in terms of their volatility tendencies.

Monitor your trade

It is very important for traders to monitor the trade they have opened. For example, traders can track their trades by making entries in a simple spreadsheet document. By monitoring their binary options trading, traders will have a more controlled approach on the trades they have placed. With practice and analysis, traders will be able to easily anticipate the movement with respect to any market influence. Of course, they do receive email alerts informing them about their transaction outcomes however, keeping track of placed transaction gives broader monitoring.

Be practical

A good trader should be able to decide when to trade and when to stop trading in order to avoid failure and loss of investment. Traders should think practically and try not to take any decisions pertaining to trading when they are in an emotional situation. It should also be noted that being greedy will lead to only despair and failure. Hence, a calm state of mind is essential when placing a trade with binary options.

Risks management

Traders should be able to choose an exit plan if after having traded on a single asset several times, they find that they are losing more than they can afford. In such a situation, traders are advised to do a market analysis without opening or placing any trade. In this way, they will get enough time to examine and understand the possible reasons behind their failure.

Get the most of trading tools

Binary options trading is becoming more and more prevalent online. Traders find it easy to choose among the different tools available on binary options trading platforms and use them to their advantage. One good example is trading signal which is an inestimable tool for those who want to make more profits. Most binary options brokers provide trading signals which is accessible either for free or for a small fee.

There is no doubt that if both beginner and experienced traders consider the important points listed above, they will certainly achieve success in their trading career. Experienced traders, somehow, tend to ignore certain essential factors. For instance, if an experienced trader never stays updated in terms of financial and economic indications, it is obvious that though he will open a trade as per his expertise and previous experience, he has the possibility of losing it as he does not know what is happening in the financial world. In short, the life of a successful trader depends on an on-going learning process.


Binary Book Review

binary book logo


BinaryBook has breakthrough in the binary options industry with its original approach to online trading. As its name suggest, BinaryBook, focuses on nurturing inexperienced traders to skillful ones by providing a wealth of learning materials as well as expert traders paired with a first class customer support.

The BinaryBook trading platform gained much appreciation and adepts during a short time span indicating towards the quality services it provides to its customers. Being an all-encompassing broker, BinaryBook stands up to offer only the finest range of binary options services, from empowering to traders to delivering high-end solutions according to their trading requirements.

BinaryBook comes out of the ordinary lot, sourcing out only the original concepts in order to cement the roots of trading. This unbiased BinaryBook review aims to give you better insights about this binary options trading platform.

BinaryBook features

  • Wide range trading features such as binary, pairs, long term, turbo, one touch, ladder and FX/CFD
  • Simplistic yet resourceful learning materials
  • Hassel-free registration process
  • Up to 100% welcome bonus
  • Various account types to fit all trading needs
  • Mobile trading application
  • Additional trading features such as double-up, rollover and trend analyzer
  • Website available in English, Turkish and Arabic
  • Islamic trading account


  • More than 100 tradable assets including currencies, stocks, indices and commodities
  • Provides personal account managers and expert traders
  • User-friendly interface
  • Committed and devoted customer support
  • Reliable daily market analysis
  • High payouts – up to 85%
  • SSL certified website
  • Numerous promotions and bonuses
  • Highly secured deposit & withdrawal methods
  • Segregated accounts – traders funds will never


  • Relatively new in the binary options industry

BinaryBook Account Types

BinaryBook caters for all traders, offering account packages to meet their own style and needs. Here’s what the account types consist of:

Micro Account

This account is available as from $250 and has been designed to match the requirements of traders who are new to the industry. This account provides the minimum in terms of the services. It is more advisable to go for a robust account once more experience is acquired.

Basic Account

The BinaryBook basic account can be acquired as from 501 and offers up to 50% welcome bonus. This account definitely provides more access to certain features such as Trading Signals and a personal account manager.

Gold Account

The Gold Account comes with greater privileges such as up to 75% welcome bonus and an expert trader’s assistance upon request. This account is available as from 2501 and is geared towards binary options enthusiasts.

Platinum Account

The BinaryBook platinum account is for traders who have a little knowledge of binary options trading but are determined to make better return on investments. This account is obtainable as from 10, 001 and offers up to 100% welcome bonus. The platinum account is by far the most enthralling account in terms of heightened binary options trading experience.

Customer Service

BinaryBook has a knack for customer support, extending its services to a 24/7 level. Customer support which is an essential part in binary options trading is BinaryBook’s primary focus and is goes without saying that quality counselling forms part of the package. Currently, BinaryBook offers support in 3 languages, mainly, in English, Arabic and Turkish. Trained by a panel of specialist in customer relationship, BinaryBook support team aims at providing top-notch service to traders.

Trading Tools

  • Classic Binary Options
  • Pairs Options
  • Long Term Options
  • Turbo Trading
  • One Touch Options
  • Ladder Trading
  • FX/CFD

Deposit and Withdrawals

Online transactions comprises of risks but BinaryBook ensures that its platform meet all the set requirements to enhance hassle-free transactions. Currently, these are the deposit and withdrawal methods they support:

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Wire Transfer
  • E-Wallet

Mobile Trading

BinaryBook offers a high-end mobile trading platform for smartphone enthusiasts. This mobile application is already available on Android and will be soon be implemented in an iOS version. BinaryBook has conceived its mobile trading application in an attempt to cater for traders who wish to trade on the, requiring their trading platform everywhere with them. This method of trading is also time-saving and very practical for traders with a hectic schedule.

Join BinaryBook Now!


A Step by Step Guide to Trading Binary Options

Editor's choiceBinary options trading guide

Binary Options Trading Guide

The main goal here is to make binary options trading accessible and easy for anyone to master. Once you master the trading platform you can start trading right away and enjoy excellent rates of return!

Step 1 – Making a first deposit

In order to start trading, traders need to register with the site and make a minimum deposit (of the local currency). A deposit can be made by credit card or bank wire transfers.

When registering, you will be asked to choose your currency. Once chosen, your currency cannot be changed. Initial deposits can be made in U.S. Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euros.

Step 2 – Trading terminology and instruments

The 24option.com trading platform
Pressing the trade tab located in the main navigation menu on the 24option home page when logged in to your account will open the main trading window as shown here:

24option trading platform

The Trading window is comprised of three sections:

  • Main Option List – lower left corner
  • Trade Box – upper portion of screen
  • My Open Trades – lower right corner

What is the Option List?

The option list section displays all assets available to binary options trading at the moment. A customer can choose which type of asset to display (indices, forex, stocks, commodities or all) in this window, and in which order to display them.

The settings icon will open the full list of assets available for trading. With the help of the pull down menu located at the top of the option list, customers can also choose a specific binary option to view as well.

The section includes:  


  • European Stocks
  • U.S. Stocks
  • Forex
  • Commodities


  • Gold, etc.


  • Intraday
  • End of the day
  • End of the week

Ready to start trading now? Click here to open your account!

The Trade Box – A Detailed View

In order to get more details on an option you are interested in buying, click on it and the trade box at the top of the page will be opened as shown here. This screenshot of the trade box is an example for a High/Low binary option on the EUR/USD.


The trade box includes the following:

Asset – the asset you chose to trade. Check the asset index for the full list of assets available for trading at 24option.com at the moment.

Target Price – the price at which 24option.com is selling the option. Target prices are dynamic and change often as do the upper and lower boundary prices.

Market – The current market price of an underlying asset.

Graph – the price graph displays a chart of the asset price and the time left for the option before expiring. Target prices are also shown on this graph, as is the time left before this option expires and a marked area showing the profit possibilities.

Return – the return percentage displayed on the top right corner stands for the possible return on investment that can be expected for this option if it expires “In the Money”.

High/Low – the High/Low buttons (or the “+” and “-“ buttons in the full trading window, respectively) simply mark whether this option would be a high or a low one. All you need to do is to decide in which direction the price will go and click on the right button to determine your trade.

Expires – The time at which the option will expire.

Trading Closes – the hourglass countdown above the graph displays the amount of time left for this option to live, before it expires and can no longer be traded.

As you can see in the screenshot, the trade box displays recent movements in the price charts related to the underlying asset on this option:


Clicking on the appropriate button on the upper right corner of the trade box will also display this information. It is possible to hide the whole window by clicking the gray arrow on the upper right side of the graph.

Clicking on the “High” or “Low” buttons will mark the area relevant for the judgment you made on this option. The graph will demonstrate whether your option is “In the Money” or “Out of the Money” in real-time until it reaches its expiry time.

Step 3- Choosing an Option instrument

There are three types of trading instruments available to you on 24option: the classic High/Low instrument, the One Touch and the Boundary as shown here:


To select the instrument that is right for you, click one of the demonstrated instruments right from the trading window. For further information read more about these trading instruments in our Binary Trading section.

After choosing a type of binary option you would like to trade, the platform will display only the options relevant under the type of trading you chose, as the screenshot shows:


Check out the trading platform here.

Step 4 – Buying and trading a Binary Option

If you want to buy an option on a certain chosen asset use the trade box as explained above and follow these instructions:

  1. Take a look – first of all, choose the desired trading instrument (High/Low, One Touch, Boundary or 60 Seconds) and examine a few chosen options on the trade box. Take a look at the details and learn them.
  2. Choose the right option for you – after checking out a few options in the trading box, choose the one that you would like to purchase.
  3. What is your prediction? After choosing an option you need to make your prediction regarding this option. For example, if you chose the One touch instrument you need to choose between pressing the “Touch” or “No touch” buttons.
  4. What is your investment amount? Type the amount you wish to invest in this option. Please note that the investment must be more than $24 and less than $20,000. For more information on our investment policy and investment strategies, please see our binary options strategy page.
  5. Buy – after placing the amount of investment in this option, simply click the “Buy” button in order to start the trade.

After completing the process of purchasing a binary option successfully, a trade confirmation will be shown to you on the platform, telling you the transaction has been completed.

“My Open Trades” window

At the right side of the trading platform you can check on all of your open trades, visualized in the “My Open Trades” window. All options displayed in this window are live and have not expired:


Each option you purchased might look different, as shown on the screenshot above. Here are explanations for the symbols that can appear on any of your open trades, depending on the trading instrument you chose:

High/Low and 60 Second Binary Options:

High option symbol= High Binary Option
Low option symbol= Low Binary Option

One Touch Binary Options:

One touch symbol= One Touch Option
No touch symbol= No Touch Option

Boundary Binary Options:

in boundary symbol= In Boundary Option
out boundary symbol= Out Boundary Option

Trade details: This is the amount invested in each option you purchased and the asset you chose to invest in.

Target:  The target price for the option you own stays the same once the option has been purchased. The only instrument that has two target prices is the boundary, with an upper and a lower boundary.

Market: The market price for the option you are purchasing based on the data feed as delivered to 24option.com. The target price depends on the market price of an asset and changes accordingly.

Expiry: The day and time at which this option will expire and can no longer be traded. Up until expiry, all of your open options will be displayed on the “My open trades” window.

Colors: As you probably noticed, the market prices appear in three colors. Each color has a different meaning as listed below:

  • Green: your option is profitable and is “In the Money”
  • Red: your option is not profitable and is “Out of the Money”
  • Blue: your option stayed at its exact purchase price and is “At the Money”

If you wish to check more details on your open options, just click the asset symbol which will open the main trade box for this option. Just like opening an option from the main trading window, all of the information you need about this option will be displayed as explained above. In addition, once you have purchased an option you can follow its movement on the graph which is updated in real-time, up until its expiry time.

Once an option is purchased you will be able to see from the trade box the exact expiry, the market and target prices, your transaction ID (the number of the specific deal), the time of purchasing, your selection (high or low), the invested amount and the return that will be made if your prediction is correct. All the parameters are explained below:

Transaction ID: The number of this specific deal related to the option you invested in.

Purchased at: The exact time and day that this option was purchased.

Your Selection: The type of option you chose: High/Low, One Touch/No Touch, In Boundary/Out Boundary, or 60 Seconds.

Invested Amount: The investment made in this option.

Expires (Above/Below, Inbound/Outbound or Touch/No Touch): Presents the exact amount of return expected if this option is proven to be a profitable one, relative to the target price.

Expires: The time at which this option will expire and can no longer be traded.

Market: The current market price of the option you purchased, based on data delivered to 24option.com by the data feed.

Target Price: The price at which the option you bought will be based upon. Please note that the boundary trading instrument has both upper and lower target prices.

Close At: This is the price that you can close your option at, if you choose to do so. Only some of the options allow you to close them before they expire.

More on early option closures

As indicated above, some options can be closed before their expiry time, regardless of whether they appear to be “in the money” or “out of the money”. If an early closure is available for the option you purchased, it will appear in the trade box. Please note that this feature is not always available throughout the lifetime of the option.

When an early closure is relevant for an open option the price bid offered by 24option.com will be presented in the trade box. The price will change according to other parameters such as the time left for this option to live, the prices at the market and so on. Once the button “close” is clicked, the option will be closed at the exact price noted.

Want to start trading now? Click here.

My Account – Everything you need to know about how to operate your account

Opening your account is easy. Just click on the “My account” button from the home page and you are in. Of course, access to this section is for registered members only. Your account has five different tabs as explained below:

Account Summary tab:

The Account Summary tab contains the following details:

Customer Name: Your legal name as given to 24option.com when you registered with the site.

Your Account Cash Balance: The amount of cash that you have in your account at the moment which is available to you for trading or withdrawal.

Your Account Bonus Balance: The exact amount that you received as a bonus and is available for trading purposes only.

Total Cost of Your Open Positions: The total value of open investments that you have at the moment.

The Total Value of Your Account: The total value of your account which is the sum of the options you have open, your cash balance and bonus balance.

Open Trades tab:

This section can be accessed by selecting the Open Trades tab when at the My Account Menu. This tab displays all the information relevant to any open trades you might have:

Instrument: High/Low, One Touch, Boundary, or 60 Seconds.

Type: A mark that indicates which type of option you choose, as presented here:

High/Low and 60 Second Binary Options:
High option symbol= High Binary Option
Low option symbol= Low Binary Option

Touch Binary Options:
One touch symbol= One Touch Option
No touch symbol= No Touch Option

Boundary Binary Options:
in boundary symbol= In Boundary Option
out boundary symbol= Out Boundary Option

Asset: The asset you chose to trade on this option.

Order #: The ID number of this option.

Buy Time: The time and day this option was purchased.

Target Price: The target price of the specific binary option. If a boundary instrument has been chosen, upper and lower target prices will be presented as well.

Invested: The amount of money invested in the option.

Expiry Time:  The time at which this option will expire.

Return: The return expected on this option if it expires “In The Money”.

Refund: The amount of refund expected if the option expires “Out of The Money”.

Trade History tab:

This tab represents all of your past trades with full details of each trade you made. You can choose to view your past trades ordered by instrument type or by date. These filters are located in the top menu of the tab. Your past trades can be printed out or saved as an Excel spreadsheet with the help of the icons on the right side of the tab.

Account Details tab:

This tab includes all of your personal details as you declared when registering. This data can be edited and changed according to changes in your personal info at any given moment.

Change Password tab:

If for some reason you wish to change your password, this tab is where you do it. In order to change your password you will need to type in your old password and then the new one. After choosing your new password you will be asked to confirm it before submitting.

This is the change password page:


Conclusions on how to trade binary options

Now that you have gone through all the stages of trading binary options, you probably realize how easy and enjoyable it is. After registering and reading our trading guide you can start trading today! If you feel like you need more information on certain aspects or if you need any kind of help please contact us or browse our site for an array of useful information. You can start with the Binary Options section and progress from there.

All these tools will help you progress in trading, increasing your knowledge and provide you with more profitable trading.

Trade digital options now and maximize your profit.

Funding your account:


Banking actions like deposits and withdrawals can easily be made from your trading account. In order to execute these actions, choose the banking tab from the 24option.com homepage.


Clicking on the banking tab will automatically open the deposit screen. In order to make a deposit please follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the method with which you would like to make the deposit (located on the left side of the form).
  1. Fill in all the details needed. Please note that there are some necessary fields marked with an asterisk. These fields must be filled with the details requested.
  2. Please confirm the deposit by clicking on the deposit button. Once the deposit has been approved you will be able to see it in your account.


Withdrawals can be easily made by choosing the banking tab from the home page and right after that choosing the “withdrawal tab” from the resulting tab on the banking page, as described below:

Step 1 – Type in the amount you would like to withdraw and click on the “Next” button in order to proceed as the screenshot shows:


Step 2 – There are a few ways to withdraw your requested amount. If it is to be returned to your credit card, simply finish the process by clicking on the Withdraw button. If the withdrawal is to be made by a different method like a wire transfer, continue the process by clicking on the “Next” button and filling in all the details needed. After that click on the “Withdraw” button and finish the process.

Pending Requests

In order to get to this page click on the “Banking” tab from our home page and then choose the “Pending Requests” tab. Here you will find all the requests waiting for approval. Here you can also cancel requests waiting for approval.


If you want to view all of your banking transactions history like deposits and withdrawals go to the history section by choosing the “Banking” tab from the homepage. Then choose the “History” tab in order to continue. On this window you will be able to examine all of your banking transactions thoroughly. For example, you are able to filter your history like this:

Action: filter your history by choosing the action you want to examine.

Date: filter your trading history by entering a date range.

In addition, you can sort all the columns in the History section according to these parameters.


Trading Indicators Binary Options Trading Strategy


Stockpair is presenting another innovation for the benefit of its clients: Trading Indicators – special customized technical analysis based alerts provided by Faunus Analytics, a leading developer of analytical and data-mining solutions for the financial industry.

The trading indicators are based on Faunus Financial Scoring technology, which utilizes real time algorithms adapted to Binary Options, and that aim to improve the prediction capability and outcome of trading. The trading indicators show predictions for the direction an asset will move in 1h,4h and 24h, and the reliability (strength) of the prediction, in a color scale of 1 to 10. This support the trader in his decison when to act on a specific indicator.

Trading Indicators Screenshot

The trading indicators are available through email messages and a web application on the Stockpair platform, for clients with Gold accounts and above.

It is recommended to contact our team for personal training and overview on how to use the indicators and other technical tools that are available on the platform.

Important note: The trading indicators are provided to Stockpair clients by a third party provider. They are provided for information purposes only and in no way can they be considered as a recommendation by Stockpair to engage in any trade .

The use of indicators as well as other tools for making decisions is at the client sole responsibility.

Find out more about trading indicators on Stockpair.


Technical Analysis of Binary Options Trading Strategy


Technical analysis is one of the methods commonly used by options traders to predict price movements and market trends by studying the charts and various parameters of past market behavior. Technical analysis is only concerned with what has actually happened to the asset, and takes into account the changes in price of the asset and the volume of trading. There are many indicators and tools that traders use for technical analysis, among them RSI, Moving Average, Bollinger Bands and more.

Visit for more information on this binary options trading strategy.



Support and Resistance Binary Options Trading Strategy


Support and Resistance Background

Technical analysis can play a key role in options pair trading strategy, and one of the most commonly used tools is based on dynamic support and resistance. Support and Resistance can be implemented to Binary and Pairs , this section will focus on pairs. Just like in trading single assets, the idea is to identify support and resistance levels for each asset of the pair, and to draw conclusions on the relative performance of the pair. The support and resistance lines are the levels the stocks have historically difficulty to fall below (support) or to go over (resistance).

Support and Resistance as a Pair Options Strategy

  1. When one stock hits a resistance level, and the other stock in a pair does not, it is likely that the stock that does not near resistance will outperform the other.
  2. When one stock hits a support level, and the other stock in a pair does not, it is likely the stock that does approach a support level will outperform the other.

How to identify Support and Resistance lines?

Identifying support and resistance levels can be done based on using technical charting software or by following the charts of Stockpair.

How to identify Support and Resistance lines during pair option trading
See the original article on Stockpair.

Cointegration Binary Options Trading Strategy



The Pair Options on Stockpair are constructed of pairs of stocks that have a high positive correlation between them, meaning that both stocks historically tend to move together. Why do pairs have high correlation? Generally because they are from the same industry sector and traded in the same market, so the same factors impact them. Based on the history of correlation between the stocks, it is assumed that when the correlation between the stocks is temporarily weakened, i.e. one stock moves up and the other stocks moves down, the “gap” between the stocks will close and they will eventually return to their correlated path. The strategy is therefore to identify when the “gap” is created and to trade in the assumption that there is a high probability the gap will close or narrow.

Cointegration strategy on Stockpair

Implementing the cointegration strategy has 2 steps:

  1. Identify a Stock Pair in which the stocks have moved from their correlation and opened a gap.
  2. Make a trade assuming the stocks will return to their correlated path

Step 1: Finding changes in the movement of a pair
Identifying the Pair which has moved from its correlation can be done based on analyzing the prices of the stock pairs and the charts of the pairs. The trader should look for pairs that have moved away from each other and preferably, a pair in which the stocks have moved away from each other and then back together in a regular pattern.

Step 2: Open a trade
The trade should be opposite to the “gap”. If stock A has performed better than B, in order to close the “gap” stock B will now perform better. Therefore, on the Stockpair platform – the trader should open position on the “lower” stock in the chart, either in Fix options or in Floating options. The goal would be to sell or to reach expiry when the gap is narrowed.

Finding changes in the movement of a pair options for the implementation of Cointegration Strategy


  1. Identify on the chart a gap between the stocks of a pair
  2. Trade on the lower stock
Pair Options Trading using the Cointegration Strategy during a long time
See the original article on Stockpair.

Five Facts About Binary Options


As binary options are a fairly new trend in the financial industry there have been a lot of misplaced myths about trading them particularly as when people hear the word ‘options’ they think of complicated financial derivatives. In fact, binary options are not a complicated mystery at all, and here at Banc De Binary, we aim to simplify binary options for you.

Dispelling the Binary Options Myths

Firstly, many people believe that trading binary options successfully is based on luck. This is not the case, and although there are at times last minute extreme changes in prices, if you learn trading strategies you will be able to predict fairly accurately the price behaviour of an asset and thereby make a profit on your trades. You don’t have to be a financial guru to trade binary options. If you have the correct approach binary option trading can a wonderful method of increasing your income. You just need to be positive and want to spend time learning about the characteristics of binary trading. Binary options were designed to be traded as a simple investment route compared to the other conventional markets such as the foreign exchange and commodities markets.

Anyone can trade binary options, however, it’s not for investors with a gambler’s mentality. A trader with a gambler’s mentality can lose a lot of money as all they do all day is mindlessly buy calls and puts. Predicting if the price of an asset is going to fall or rise within an hour is very exciting because in a moment the price can change due to economic news or some other information which can cause an asset to gain or lose in price.

Also many people think you need a lot of money to start trading options. This is also a myth. In reality, you can open an account with a respectable account manager with very little money. With Banc De Binary, you can open an account with as little as $250. Meanwhile, account managers don’t ask you to pay commission fees either.

Most people think that trading binary options means sitting in front of your computer all day long buying or selling calls and puts and then being stressed out for days waiting for your option to expire while wondering if you predicted the right way or not. This is not the case as binary options are short term investments which on Banc De Binary’s platform include expiration periods as low as 30 seconds. So they are very short-term, stress-free, investments indeed.

Another popular myth is that before you start making money and become a successful trader, you must lose a lot of money while you are going through a trading learning curve. This is not true at all as a trade can be made on as little as $1, thereby allowing plenty of room for practice. In a nutshell binary option trading is simple and affordable and is fast becoming the investment of choice.

See the original article on Banc de Binary.



What Exactly Are Binary Options?

Editor's choiceBusiness Technology Abstract

Binary Options are an exciting way to trade by predicting the market price direction of currencies, stocks commodities and indices over a period of time selected by the trader. Binary Options are simple and can have only two possible outcomes: either the option expires in the money (your prediction was right) or out of the money (your prediction was wrong). The potential payout for each outcome is known when entering a trade, making Binary Options ideal for short term trading.

Trading Binary Options has many advantages, among them the option to close a trade before expiry, automatic sell of trades by Trade Control – giving the trader the ability to set the expiry time of the option – and a wide selection of visual trading tools.

Binary Option Trading Example

You open a 60 minutes trade of $1000 on the EUR/USD predicting the price will go up. The return on this option was 80%. If the option expires In the Money, your prediction is correct. If the option expires Out of the Money, your prediction was wrong and there is no return.

  • If the EUR/USD went up, meaning the price of EUR/USD in expiry is higher than the price when you opened the trade, your option has expired “In the Money” and your payout is $1800. Your investment is $1000 and $800 is your profit (80%*1,000).
  • If the EUR/USD went down, your option will expire “Out of the Money” and you will not receive a payout.
  • Important – For many options, the Stockpair platform enables the closure of the position before expiry.

What are Binary Option’s Benefits for Traders

Trading in Binary Options offers significant benefits to the trader, including controlled risk with trend profit and no commissions or hidden costs.

  • Controlled Risk – payout is known when entering a trade, no margin calls or leverage.
  • Intuitive and simple – appeal for every trader.
  • Profit Profile – small movement can bring high returns, unlike traditional trading.
  • Choice – variety of markets, currencies, commodities.
  • Trading Style – from short term to long term, the trader define the period.

See the original article here.


5 Questions About Making Money Trading Binary Options

Editor's choiceMake Money with Binary Options

What questions should traders have answers for when it comes to making money with binary options?

Whenever we dive into a new venture, there are going to be some questions we’d like to answer. Some of these will be simple, but others will be crucial to our success. When it comes to making money with binary options, these are five questions for which every trader should have a clear answer.

How Much Money Can I Make Trading Binary Options?

There really is no limit to how much you can make when trading Binary Options. On individual trades, however, you may you can make on average around an 80% profit, depending on the binary options provider you choose. Make sure that when choosing a provider, you check the maximum profit potential offered.

How Can I Hedge My Binary Options Trades?

Because there are so many operators with so many offers, one of the easiest ways to hedge your trades for maximum potential and minimum risk is by signing up with several operators right away. By utilizing the bonuses to begin trading, you can generate profits right away and hedge your trades on other sites. See what kinds of no deposit binary options offers exist here.

Is There a Smart Way To Use Binary Options Bonuses?

As noted above, perhaps the smartest way to use your binary options bonuses and offers is by hedging your trades on multiple sites. This is both a learning experience and a means of minimizing your risk to the absolute floor.

What are the Best Ways to Reduce Binary Options Banking Fees?

There might be some banking fees to pay whenever you make a deposit or a withdrawal to and from an online Binary Options trading site, so one of the most important things to do at the outset is talk to both the customer service representatives with your chosen service provider and your bank. They will inform you as to the fees and by shopping all of the available binary options trading platforms, you will be able to quickly find the best choice for you.

Perhaps the easiest and most cost effective way to make a deposit is by you using a debit card. The funds will be instantly credited to your Binary Options trading account and not many sites charge a fee for using this method. When you make a withdrawal, those funds can be instantly paid back to the bank account linked to the debit card you are using, and will show up in your bank account rapidly.

Try to avoid using money transfer companies such as Money Gram or Western Union to fund a Binary Options account online. This is where fees are often the highest.

How Can I Lock in and Guarantee a Binary Option Trades Profit?

As with any form of market and commodity trading, guarantees are often hard to come by. That said, there are several means of increasing the likelihood of profiting from your trades.

Perhaps the best way of improving your profit ratios is by learning everything you can about the markets that exist. Understand the commodities that are being traded and monitor them on an ongoing basis. As you see their activity and study the market trends, it will become infinitely easier to trade intelligently and see your profit margins rise steadily.